Ana de Armas: her long-awaited film on Marilyn Monroe hit with a sanction

In development since 2010, Blonde hair the adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel on the life of Marilyn Monroe is experiencing some setbacks. What annoy the director Andrew Dominik who does not understand the controversy which seems not to want to end, around his film.

It’s nothing to say that Blonde hair was expected. The film directed by Andrew Dominik is indeed the adaptation of a cult novel, that of novelist Joyce Carol Oates, and above all it concerns one of the mythical figures of the world imagination, Marilyn Monroe. To carry this adaptation it is hollywood rising star Ana de Armas who was chosen. The former girlfriend of Ben Affleck saw her notoriety explode in particular thanks to the very successful Knives Out but also thanks to his appearance in the role of Paloma in the last James Bond No Time To Die.

Despite the impatience surrounding its release, Blonde hair has already had some setbacks. Netflix would have voluntarily postponed the release of the film due to scenes deemed far too raw. The streaming platform which had first planned a release in 2021 would have demanded from the director a new version of the biopic and gave up presenting it at the Cannes Film Festival as well as at the Venice Film Festival. For the website World of Real a polar atmosphere would have settled between Netflix and Andrew Dominik who would have refused re-edit scenes deemed shocking by the producers. “The montage that Netflix saw caught them completely off guard, explained World Of Real. “They thought they had a film likely to obtain an Oscar, in effect, it was this vague, obtuse arthouse film. Not sure that’s what they expected from Dominik. ”

According to the director Ana de Armas offers an exceptional performance

A new announcement rocks the ship Blonde hair, the film is now subject to a ban at least 17 years in the United States. Interviewed by ScreenDaily, Andrew Dominik did not go there by four paths to give his opinion on the controversy which strikes his film. “It’s a bunch of bullshit”he dropped before attacking the already virulent criticism against the feature film which has not yet been seen…It is a demanding film. If the audience doesn’t like it, that’s their problem.. This is not a candidacy for an election” he launched virulent before putting an end to the rumors according to him ” hilarious” who announced a scene from “menstrual cunnilingus“.

Andrew Dominik apparently waved a white flag at the platform indicating that he had no with respect to Netflix that ” grateful “, specifying that despite the multiple disagreements the streaming giant had never withdrawn its support for the projectIt’s much easier to support a project when you like it. It’s much harder when you don’t like it ” he underlined impatient to make discover to the world the interpretation of Ana de Armas. “She’s absolutely amazing – the one thing no one will have any complaints about is her performance.” he assured. The answer very soon?