Guillaume Canet mourning ‘he died last night’, sadness…

Guillaume Canet can declare without blushing that he has succeeded in his life at all levels. First of all, from a professional point of view, everything is going well, he is an actor, producer, director. In addition, on the side of his personal life, he is fulfilled with his wife Marion Cotillard and his two children, Marcel and Louise.

In addition to this busy life, he is a man committed to a better world, especially in the field of agriculture. He fights to defend the farmers and he is right, because they are the ones who provide us with food. So, so much to pamper them so that it is the best possible. One thing is certain, he is always ready to invest in causes close to his heart. Unfortunately, morale was not good for Guillaume Canet. Indeed, he made a sad announcement to Internet users this Wednesday, February 16. We explain to you what is going on.

Guillaume Canet evokes the disappearance of a child

If you did not know, it was not an immediate love at first sight between Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard. They were first friends when they met in the 90s and especially when they starred in the movie Child games. Moreover, their complicity and their alchemy already breathed through the screen. Indeed, we can say that it is a very well matched couple! But, at that time, the comedian was not a free heart. He was married to Diane Kruger. A major competitor for Marion Cotillard, but she too was in a relationship at this time with Stéphan Guérin-Tillié. Today, the couple represents one of the most glamorous French duos in cinema. One day ago, Guillaume Canet published some heartbreaking but very important information for him…

A heartbreaking message

Indeed, Guillaume Canet shared the photo below on his account instagram. A selfie with a young boy. The message that accompanies the photo is heartbreaking. He explains Fahim’s disappearance: “Today I should be with Fahim to collect donations for brain tumors. Unfortunately he is no longer there, carried away by a pediatric cancer at the age of 15.explains the husband of Marion Cotillard.

“If I challenge you today, it is because it is World Childhood Cancer Day. This is an opportunity to mobilize to collect donations that will go to research and care for children with brain tumors. This is an opportunity to help applied research which saves children, unfortunately not enough given the number of children who suffer. Whatever the donation, everything counts, even a simple message of support, even relaying all the initiatives of associations that pursue the same goal as the FAHIM association. It is time to contribute to giving another life to these children and to make sure that we know how to cure, definitively, all these tumors. Let’s make all the children who left too soon proud by continuing the fight for life. I thank you in advance for your generosity. »

An initiative appreciated by Internet users

Of course, these few words slipped on the Web have borne fruit. Barely 30 minutes after this moving publication, the actor collected more than 6000 likes. Indeed, Guillaume Canet has received many messages of support. For example, we were able to read the following comment that we share with you: “Thank you for your commitment to the children. These gestures of support and generosity are so important to the children and their loved ones. Allow me to relay your message. Have a good day “. But, it is far from alone. In addition, other people congratulated him for his commitment. When you have the notoriety of Guillaume Canet, it is important to make good use of it and to use it to advance causes. Congratulations again for his involvement!