Loana very disappointed with her makeover in Incredible transformations

Loana very disappointed with her makeover in Incredible transformations

Since the beginning of January, M6 viewers have been delighted to find the experts ofIncredible Transformations for new numbers. For this fifth season, the Agency sees a good number of celebrities, who have come to ask for help for one of their loved ones. But sometimes, it is the stars themselves who pass into the expert hands of professionals, like Théo Lavabo or “Bébert le Frelon”. Soon, the faithful of the program will discover the makeover of loana. And the least we can say is that the reality TV candidate does not really have a good memory of it, as she explains to our colleagues from Here

We said “not the hair”!

They ruined me! I cried all night“, she asks straight away. First grievance: the hairdressing workshop. “A hairdresser had offered me 2000 euros of extensions, my hair was down to my buttocks, blond as I like. (…) I told them they could touch anything except my hair. I was promised”, hammers the 44-year-old young woman. A request that was obviously not respected according to her. “I put my head back so that he (the hairdresser Nicolas Waldorf, editor’s note) cut the ends, there I feel a ‘crack’. I see my hair coming back over my shoulders and I had more than a bob cut! They cut me 2000 euros of extensions. I ran crying in the toilet for three quarters of an hour“, she continues. The scissors pro would then have promised him “put hair back and it would be the same length and color“.

If the hairdresser kept his promise, the result did not satisfy the winner of loft story. “They gave me shitty hair. It’s so shitty that when I do my hair, half of it goes away. (…) I look and see very dark brown. I tell them : ‘You didn’t make me brunette? Because that is the nightmare of my life!’ Since I was 17, I’ve been blonde“, deplores the former candidate of the reality tv angels. A feeling very different from that of the expert, very moved to meet Loana.

I was informed

The rest of the makeover isn’t much better, according to loana. “I have a cream suit that was three times my size. Do you see Casper the Ghost? Or a meringue. I was 15 kg heavier! I was informed“, affirms the Cannes. When discovering herself in the mirror, the young woman absolutely does not recognize herself.My mother told me that I was 15 years old and 15 kilos heavier. Even she didn’t recognize mee,” she explains.They went so far as to make me say at the end: ‘Do you like the bag?’ I said : ‘It’s the only thing that pleases me!'”. Upset, Loana did not sleep the night after the shooting and “called his mother in tears“. This one has also shrunk him and dyed his famous suit. “It was my worst nightmare. This is the worst TV I’ve done! They screwed up everything from start to finish, styling, hair and makeup. Nothing was right! I had it for a good ten days“, she concludes. Regarding her hair, Loana saw a new professional to regain her famous blonde color.

No doubt the change was perhaps a bit too drastic for her.“, analyzes, for its part the stylist Charla Carter. “The hardest part was to make him understand, as with the others (candidates, note), that it is necessary to evolve. You can’t have the same look at 20 and at 40″, assures the American. To form your own opinion, you will have to be patient because, for the moment, no broadcast date for this episode has been announced. has been announced.