Ready Player One, I am a legend… Warner wants to relaunch universes in film and series

The legal battle between Warner Bros and Village Roadshow over the flop of Matrix 4 revealed plans for co-franchise sequels.

Since the absolute flop of Matrix Resurrections was confirmed, a legal war has erupted between Warner Bros and Village Roadshow Entertainment, a company that regularly co-produces films with the cinema giant. Roadshow’s complaint? Operation in theaters Matrix 4 was reportedly intentionally scuttled because of its simulcast on HBO Max. Thus, all the investors who expected the biffetons of the incomes in theaters had it a little in the bone.

But Warner fought back, accusing Roadshow’s move of being just a way to evade its contractual funding obligations, as co-producer, co-distributor and co-holder of a bundle of products. stamped Warner. And at the bend of this mess, we learned that Warner is actively working to follow through on some of its big brands. Or at least the studio is trying.

Even in death, he will have been subject to controversy

The Hollywood Reporter explained the path of this “leak”. While Roadshow complained of having been financially neglected in the flop of Matrix 4, Warner retorted that he had a compensation plan for all his partners, in the event of an underperformance of the film (because of the pandemic and/or the HBO Max strategy). Roadshow would have played with fire by refusing this agreement, preferring to “simply” have the title of co-holder and co-producer (with a “right of inspection”), without any financial investment.

According to the circumstances, this was not enough for Roadshow, which came to the complaint. Warner feeling betrayed at all levels, the elevator return was tough. In the course of a declaration on a potential series Edge of Tomorrow (acting as a suite) in the boxesthe studio said that Roadshow, although co-producer of the first film, will no longer have any rights to co-finance and co-own the brand, just like the 90 other films for which Roadshow paid Warné (for an amount of $4.5 billion).

Edge of Tomorrow: photo, Tom CruiseAs if it weren’t hard enough to reunite Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt

As Roadhsow’s attorney Mark Holscher explained, Warner Bros has planned several sequels, prequels and series co-branded with Village Roadshow Entertainment. And this time, Warner would have no qualms putting some only on HBO Max, even if that excludes Roadshow from the equation. Obviously, Roadshow is trying to assert its rights, but Warner intends to obliterate its solidity with this case.

Waiting for, we had a small preview of this list of projects: sherlock holmesthe saga Ocean’s, Ready Player One and I’m a legend are part of it. Are added more discreetly Where Wild Things Are and Yes Man (and there are others whose names we just don’t have). We don’t know if these are sequels, genesis or spin-offs that are being considered, but depending on the current status of each saga, we can already get a little idea of ​​who is heading towards what.

I Am Legend: Photo, Will SmithPrequel that has a dog

For sherlock holmeswe have been waiting for ten years for the third part of the Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. adventures. Ocean’s and Ready Player One, it can be assumed that these are direct sequels. As for I’m a legendit’s a little harder to imagine (a sequel in the distant future? A prequel on the character of Will Smith? A spin-off on another survivor?).

If we have not heard more about these projects, it is possibly because a certain number of them will be dedicated to streaming, and this is precisely what Roadshow is blocking against, for fear of seeing its returned to theaters to weaken. It is therefore possible that the future of these films / series will be played out with the outcome of this trial..