this steamy movie is finally getting a sequel

Renewal or not Netflix series, and series of films, is always subject to great debate, we have known this for several years. Indeed, the continuation of a series generally depends not only on its reception, but also and especially what the latter brought in internationally. And the series of the day has been talked about a lot, a lot recently, since it has been subject to multiple controversies.

A film that is not unanimous

Recently, we told you about the fact thata Netflix series with torrid scenes had caused a certain feeling of unease among several spectators. This series is called Through my windowand it tells the story of Raquel, who always had her sights set on her neighbor Ares, until the situation is unblocked.

Many Internet users have found this film rather embarrassing, as we explained to you in a previous article. Were called into question the acting, the script, the huge number of sex scenes, the dialogues, or even the fact that certain sex scenes in the film contained elements that were sometimes deprecated. This film, which some netizens have called “most embarrassing sex movie on the platform”will still be entitled to several sequels, depending on the platform.

Sequels planned despite discomfort

The Netflix streaming platform just announced that two sequels to the movie Through my window were currently being prepared. These sequels, as we could assume, will allow us to learn a little more on the relationship between Raquel and Aresand about the other characters who have appeared in the series.

Ares and Raquel’s love story isn’t done yet!

We’re making two Through my Window / A través de mi ventana sequels that will tell new stories about Raquel & Ares — as well as the rest of the characters we love. And all of it with @Arix05‘s involvement!

February 15, 2022

Ares and Raquel’s love story isn’t over yet!

We are preparing two sequels to Through My Window, which will tell new stories about Raquel and Ares – as well as the rest of the characters we love. And all this with the participation of @Arix05!

This new received quite mixed reactions on Twitter for the moment, with some Internet users, all the same, who hope to discover improvements in the proposed suites, or even, who hope that the suites will be a tad more energizing. Others, conversely, would have preferred that no sequel see the light of day.

Hope it’s more exciting than the first

February 15, 2022

I hope it will be more existent than the first film.

just another porn

Watched it & the storyline doesn’t even make sense just another 365 days

& Raquel is just another “I’m not like other girl” Spanish ver. drooling over mysterious misunderstood rich kid Hardin Scott

I mean Ares

I prefer Julie & The Phantom s2 over this

February 15, 2022

It’s just another porn

I watched it and the plot doesn’t even make sense, just another 365 Dni.

Raquel is just another Spanish “I’m not like other girls”. She drools for the mysterious and misunderstood kid of rich Hardin Scott. I mean Ares.

I prefer Julie & The Phantom s2 to that.

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