his metamorphosis in Incredible transformations upsets Nicolas Waldorf

Loana has come a long way. A year after his setbacks, Incredible Transformations offers him to act. What does she risk by jumping into the water?

Can’t wait for the new Loana!

Attention, those who are under 20 years old cannot know the content of the video above. And for good reason, it is the portrait of Loana in loft story. At the time, let’s not forget that she was in the cast of the first reality TV show. In a very short time and without her being aware, she becomes a social phenomenon. The evening of the release and therefore of her victory, it almost looked like she had been elected President of the Republic!

Since then, many scandals have marred his legend. Addicted to artificial paradises, victim of domestic violence, Loana gets into trouble. Each time, she promises us that everything will be fine and she dives head first. Unable to look in a mirror, and if Incredible Transformations was the solution to restore its image tarnished by the tests? Thanks to our colleagues from Tele-Leisurewe know a little more behind the scenes of this episode.

2022, the beginning of a new era for Loana?

Since the beginning of the year, Loana has devoted herself to her tour with Eryl Prayer. Moreover, the Elvis Presley look-alike immediately took her under his wing. When she was interned in a psychiatric hospital, he regularly came to wash her honor on television sets. He’s probably one of the few who didn’t take advantage of her and her money. Since she no longer has a penny in her pocket, he even takes her into his home. What greatness of soul this gentleman! AT Objeko, we are really impressed with what he is able to do for his girlfriend. Perhaps he also had difficult episodes? By extending his hand to her, he will gradually help her to rebuild herself.

For its part, the issuance ofIncredible Transformations interested in Loana’s profile. Always criticized by the haters for her clothes or because of her speech, they decide to take matters into their own hands. As proof, Charla Carter recently broke her silence about the arrival of the fallen star of loft story. The less thanObjeko can say is that it makes our mouths water. ” We managed a really nice transformation, I think, by making it much more chic (…)” With a smile, she also tells us this funny anecdote. “The hardest thing was to make him understand, like the others, that you have to evolve. You can’t have the same look at 20 and at 40.”

What emotions!

As for Loana’s hairstyle, it’s quite a poem. Fortunately, Nicolas Waldorf accepted the mission ofIncredible Transformations. He is full of praise for the one who has so often hit the headlines with her pink hair. ” I had tears in my eyes, I think the whole production too. We were very emotional because for us, she’s an icon, we grew up with her. I saw the Loana of the time“. And for those who can’t wait for this colorful issue to air, it gives more details to Jordan de Luxe. After having ” deconstructed the look she had,” no faux pas will be tolerated by either the fans or the artist. The verdict is final. In his eyes, he will never forget this experience as “it was magical”.

Even if he is used to having emotion when he discovers the verdict of the teams’ efforts ” make-up, hairdressing and styling, he admits to having never felt such an upheaval. In a word, he was flabbergasted”, because “Loana was back to how she used to be.t. Amused, he throws us a pole so that we are not surprised by the result. “The most for her is when we told her that we were going to cut her hair because she was losing her identity »

And now ?

Let her be reassured. Now the writing ofObjeko is convinced that nothing and no one will be able to attack her. Confidence, serene, we hope that Cupid will soon give her the most beautiful and tender of princes. With his new look, it should be easier to face his old complexes. To be continued and looking forward to telling you new adventures!

Thank you to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs