49 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists against the Pels, and the worst part is that he missed his end of the game

We had seen him recently score a trifle of 96 points in two 48 hours against the Clippers (…) and generally heat up like a chimney fire since the beginning of February. Last night Luka Doncic punctuated his first part of the season in an incredible way, correcting the defense of the Pelicans like a real savage. Have you ever been told that this kid was special? Ah yes, we’ve been saying it every morning for about four years.

The home stats of the paso doble between Luka Doncic and CJ McCollum is right here

Luka Doncic’s house specialty? Score as many points in the first quarter as you in an entire season. Rebelote this night against the Pels, no time to fool around as we said in 2018, and after twelve minutes the leader of the Mavs plants his signature stepback at the buzzer and has already succeeded in his match since he then compiles 19 points (at 4 / 5 from the parking lot), 5 rebounds and 4 assists, the basquette has been trau fassile. Obviously the Texans lead quite widely, 45-27, the start of the second quarter is not particularly a source of fear for Jason Kidd because Spencer Dinwiddie and Jalen Brunson manage the shop during Luka’s sandwich break and it’s a real luxury, car Dorian Finney-Smith parking lot score, CAR DAVIS BERTANS PARKING SCORE, car all Dallas parking lot score. A fifteen-point lead on the return of the crack, which crashes from afar as soon as it comes into play, and another thirteen at half-time, against Pels KO in front of the flood of bombs which falls on them.

In the third, the Golden Boy continues his mess and Dorian Finney-Smith follows suit discreetly and the gap will quietly climb to pass over the twenties thanks in particular to the successes 6 and 7 of Doncic behind the line, who then compiles 45 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists, his career high of 51 is in serious danger and that of the Texas franchise, Dirk Nowitzki’s 53, is also beginning to waver. The perfect moment for the expected explosion of… CJ McCollum, oh the rascal, oh the surprise guest, since the hook-nosed sniper will continue on his good Louisiana momentum by entering an incredible zone in the fourth quarter. Under the impulse of the defector of the deadline, the Pels reduce the gap from 24 to… 6 points, Devonte’ Graham, Tony Snell or Herb Jones follow the guide and, good news, Jason Kidd is therefore obliged to call back his prodigy to finish the job. What was going to end in a good family blow-out finally gives us real money time, Luka immediately investigates to bring his total to 49 but ends his match blunted by chaining bad shots, lost balls and missed throws while his lieutenants take care… to save the evening for him. Because yes, the Mavs will finally win 124-118, thanks to a cannibalistic Luka but also thanks to a Brunson / Finney-Smith / Kleber trio in tune, while the cushy McCollum will end his heist attempt with 38 pawns at 14 /26 shooting. Luka Doncic? 49 points at 17/35 including 7/14 from the parking lot and 8/12 from the throws, 15 rebounds, 8 assists, and the perfect fireworks of the first three quarters of the season for the Mavericks, firmly established in the Top 5 of the Western Conference.

He’s not that big, he’s chubby and you can get his love handles. He is all pink as soon as he deigns to run a little, has a bad temper and produces as much waste as Parisians in August in Palavas. Except that Luka Doncic has so many qualities that we often forget his faults and that’s what we like, because when it’s too perfect we get bored. Come on, deserved break young man, see you at the buffet.