Booba releases compromising information on Vald’s father before their physical confrontation

Booba releases compromising information on Vald's father before their physical confrontation

Booba finds Vald’s parents and cuts him badly

The confusion is starting to go really far between Booba and Vald! After the attacks of the V against the DUC on his childhood and his sales, Kopp has just replied harshly by revealing the identity of his rival’s father by posting his Facebook account before reminding him that they will physically meet next summer. during the Francofolies festival in La Rochelle.

The clash between the two rappers begins to grow more and more on social networks, on Twitter and Instagram, they no longer let go and tackle each other in different publications or tweets. The dispute arose following accusations of cheating on Sullyvan’s sales by Kopp. Vald did not disassemble and made the choice to respond to each spade of Booba by going so far as to openly mock him this Thursday on the sales of Ultra, his childhood in horse riding or even correct the calculations on its numbers from the streams.

B2O reveals controversial posts mocking Gims

As usual, the former member of the group Lunatic is not ready to give up this war. He chained the publications on Twitter against the father of Vald, Roger Le Du by posting his Facebook account on which appears photos of the rapper from Aulnay in his youth as well as several images with a very misplaced humor. Booba went wild with numerous profile screenshots and comments “It’s a good tone daron eh Valdounet!!!!!! Marie Thérèse is in the same vibes”, “Vald, Roger I love him too much”, “Your daron is really someone!!! Roger and Nadine Morano » or “A little hat-trick from Roger. A very fit Roger”.

B2O then continued its investigations on the Instagram account of its former media OKLM with still publications from Daron de Vald who makes fun of Gims with jokes about the leader of Sexion D’Assaut. “I love him too much, your old man, introduce me, it’s too much” and “Nah your daron is too much I like it crazy. We have so many posts from him we can hold on until you can’t hold on anymore. Come in DM I have salt” reacts Booba laughing out loud by posting the publications.

The interpreter of “Rapti World” also informs the V that they are both showing at the Francofolies in La Rochelle on Friday July 15, 2022 alongside SCH and putting pressure on him, “You will have to have the same energy, huh!!! The metaverse is good but the terrain is better! ». An event which is therefore likely to be explosive next summer while waiting for Vald’s response.