Faustine Bollaert, embarrassed by this wild dance, she refuses the advances of Augustin Galiana…

Singles meet at a dance

Faustine Bollaert: It’s a funny program presented to us by France 2. A kind of almost improbable mix between Married at first sight and Dancing with the Stars. The concept is as follows: singles try to meet their soul mate by exchanging a dance, without exchanging a single word. To ensure the show, they separately rehearsed the same choreography with a professional dancer. After their dance they decide whether or not they want to continue the adventure together and get to know each other.

France 2 trusts the program, broadcast the day after Valentine’s Day and offers a quality cast. In addition to the presence of the much appreciated Faustine Bollaert, always so radiant, three stars are present on the set: Agustin Galiana, Sheila and Élodie Frégé.

Agustin Galiana gets loose

As a reminder, the actor seen in the Clem series on TF1 amazed everyone a few years ago by participating in Dancing with the Stars. And the comedian did not just participate: he won the precious trophy. We can say that when it comes to dance, Agustin Galiana is unbeatable. To explain his participation in the show, the actor explained himself as follows:

“When it was offered to me, I didn’t know if it was going to work, because it’s still very special. But I told myself that I believed in love and that it could do people good. You French people love to see dance on screen. It’s a show that mixes dance and love. It’s a magical show. I didn’t expect to be so moved, and so taken by the performances of these strangers, because they are people we can meet in our everyday lives. I also think it’s very brave on their part. For me, it’s easier to say to someone “I love you”, than to come and meet someone like that and without knowing them”.

In any case, the actor wanted to do the show since he improvised a wild dance with the host. Embarrassed by this demonstration of the actor, she said the following words to him: “ But stop I am a married woman“. A torrid sequence which, unfortunately, did not attract a large audience.

Faustine Bollaert: Viewers prefer football to dancing

Unfortunately, this unique and new program did not find its audience. Only 1.44 million viewers (7.1% of the public) made an appointment to see the host in a brand new program. That evening, the Champions League was back with an event match: PSG / Real Madrid. A meeting followed by 2.2 million viewers, a very good score for a pay channel.

On Twitter, Faustine Bollaert and Arthur (the producer) reacted. They did not try to hide their disappointment, but obviously do not regret having wanted to try something new. The first begins with these words: Obviously I’m disappointed. The competition was monstrous. But thank you all for your wildly tender and enthusiastic messages. I am proud of this quality show. Thank you to the whole team of France2 and Satisfaction for this audacity.

Arthur, meanwhile, begins by pointing out the busy schedule: “ Faced with the match of the year and the bronzed, the show did not deserve. It’s a magnificent program embodied by Faustine Bollaert, still as radiant as ever, which will find its place over time. I’m convinced. Go see the replay.

Two issues of the show have already been recorded but no broadcast date has been given. France 2 is probably thinking about an ideal date, with less tough competition. The host and producer can be commended for trying something new. Unfortunately, between love and football, the French have made their choice. Or perhaps the program suffered from very discreet communication? Be that as it may, we will have to wait for the broadcast of the other two numbers to find out if Un flirt & une danse is definitely not a program made for the French.