Intermarché, Netto, Monoprix… Sliced ​​bread recalled throughout France

Many batches of sandwich bread are recalled throughout France. (©Nishihama / Adobe Stock)

Lovers of sandwiches, or even toasted sandwiches, beware. A national recall campaign is underway concerning lots sandwich bread and bread dedicated to sandwiches.

These recalls affect in particular products distributed in Intermarché, Netto, Franpix and Monoprix stores.

The presence of pesticide residues has been detected in an ingredient used in the manufacturing recipe of certain sandwich loaves, while an excessively high content of ethylene oxide has been detected in other batches, indicates the government site Rappel.conso

These products should not be consumed.

Too many pesticides detected

The first reminder mentions wholemeal bread from the Chabrior brand, sold at Intermarché between January 19 and February 16, 2022.

The batches concerned are:

  • 22458381; 22160832; 22458662; 22458671 for barcode 3250390272007.
  • 22458401; 22458521; 22458521 for barcode 3250391371167.

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The second recall still concerns the Chabrior brand, with its bread Grand crumb with 7 cereals marketed by Intermarché between January 24 and February 16 when it still contains too many pesticides.

The batches affected are: 22458482, 22458642, 22458921, 22459362, 22459022. All have the same barcode 3250390758075.

Same brand, Chabrior, and still marketed at Intermarché, bread Heart of bread with 7 cereals sold between February 1 and 16, 2022 is also repatriated for exceeding the authorized limits for pesticides.

This recall concerns batches: 22458931, 22459031, 22459161, 22459291. They all have the barcode: 3250392262051.

For these three sandwich loaves, you have until Thursday, March 3 to bring them back to the store or you will be refunded.

Two sandwich breads sold at Netto

The product recall also concerns Netto’s private label, which asks to bring back to the store its Wholemeal sandwich bread since it would exceed the authorized limit of pesticides. They were sold between January 5 and February 16, 2022.

These are batches: 22160231, 22160401, 22160831, 22458661 and have barcode 3250390538189.

Another product concerned by an excessive presence of pesticides, American 7-grain sandwich bread, still at Netto. It was sold between January 26 and February 16, 2022.

Several batches, once again, are concerned: 22458481, 22458641, 22458911, 22459021, 22459141, 22459281. They have barcode 3250391652303.

For these two products, you have until Thursday March 3 to bring them back to the store where you will be reimbursed.

Excessive presence of ethylene oxide

Two other sandwich loaves were recalled, but this time it was for their excessively high ethylene oxide content.

What is ethylene oxide?

It is a colorless gas used mainly as a disinfectant and classified as a “carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic agent” specifies the DGCCRF. Its use has been banned in the European Union since 2011 as a food protection product.
According to the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety), exposure to this substance can cause “irritation of the ocular and respiratory mucous membranes, digestive disorders accompanied by neurological disorders”.

It’s about bread Complete Sandwich Special 550 g FRANPRIXmarketed by Franprix and its distribution networks between January 7 and February 15, 2022.

Several lots are affected: 22160241, 22160391, 22160581, 22160821, 22458651. They all have the same barcode: 3263856481417.

You have until Friday, April 15 to bring it back to the store for a refund.

Finally, from Wholemeal bread 550 g, sold by Monoprix is ​​also being recalled. It was on sale in the brand between January 7 and February 15, 2022.

Batch numbers are not indicated on the platform Drink reminderbut the products have the barcode: 3350030103392.

You have until Tuesday, March 1 to return these products and get reimbursed.

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