Is another part of the film in preparation? All the answers to your questions !

 Is another part of the film in preparation?  All the answers to your questions !

The release of Uncharted garnered a lot of attention. Does the production plan a sequel to the story? Answers!

After its release on February 16, Uncharted charmed moviegoers in record time! It is also one of the most watched feature films of recent times. An observation that will not fail to push those who have not yet seen it to discover the story that is hidden there.

But for those who have already enjoyed this film, the question arises: will there be a sequel? The production revealed some details about its projects during a recent interview. Culturefemme gives you the latest information on the film!

Uncharted: A successful feature film!

We’ve been waiting for it for months! Video game fans have been able to discover this project carried by Naughty Dog a long time ago. But its realization still took time. A wait that was rewarded with a very nice surprise for movie buffs and video game enthusiasts. As a reminder, Uncharted is a prequel following the various video games that Sony had already offered recently.

This feature film directed by Ruben Fleischer highlights several cult scenes videogames mentioned earlier. Those who have seen “The Drake Illusion” will not be disappointed in particular to have another point of view of the plane crash. But this version will mainly focus on Nathan Drake’s meeting with Victor Sullyvan also known as “Sully”.

As a reminder but without spoiling the details, Nathan Drake is a bartender embarked on an unprecedented adventure! The latter is invited by a stranger to go to the search for a hidden treasure. If he is not very enthusiastic at the start, he will quickly find a personal motivation in this quest Indeed, the research could well lead him to discover the details of the disappearance of his brother.

Corn adventure is often strewn with pitfalls. Their main opponent is none other than Moncoda. This wealthy Spanish family wants to find the treasure as much as the heroes of Uncharted. And they will not skimp on the means to find the latter. To know where all this leads, however, you will have to watch the film in its entirety!

Is a sequel planned?

The last moments of Uncharted have left moviegoers hungry! As a reminder, the plot ends on a rather special note. In particular, we find thata map connects Nathan Drake to another quest in which he could embark.

Having links with the mythical Eldorado, it could very well be that the production decides to make a new story out of it. But what about the real directors? It was our Video Games colleagues who released the information a few days ago.

The directors Ruben Fleischer would indeed have affirmed that “the choice is up to the public”. The opening is however very present with the end of this film where Nathan Drake and Sully have the opportunity to go to other quests. A possibility that could only appeal to moviegoers who are already asking questions in this direction.

The message is therefore clear, the possibility of a sequel for Uncharted rests on the success of this component which has just been released. So far, however, the results are convincing. What suggest that the production of this feature film could indeed embark on a new story. The details, however, remain unknown so far. It would therefore be necessary to be patient to learn more about this project and its possible realization.

Uncharted: A logical ending or not?

While waiting to discover the results of Uncharted, the production has provided some details on the end of the feature film. The latter indicated that the film was indeed a prequel. So the story unfolds before the story we knew in the previous parts of the saga.

In order to maintain the legitimacy of other broadcasts, this version of Uncharted must therefore follow the direction of the initial story. However, this does not mean that the sequel will be based on this same version. Indeed, there is no shortage of adventures for the heroes of the film!