Marc Lavoine: His wife Line Papin left the marital home, a necessary separation

Marc Lavoine and Line Papin got married in 2020. It was this same year that the 59-year-old singer and the 26-year-old novelist experienced a painful ordeal, that of losing not one but two babies. Line Papin was pregnant with twins, a pregnancy that the young woman could not bring to term. In full confinement, she suffered a miscarriage, as she tells in her book A possible life to be published on March 2 by Stock editions.

As part of the promotion of her new book, Line Papin gave a long interview to Current wife in which she openly talks about her miscarriage but also the abortion that followed shortly after. Marc Lavoine’s wife fell pregnant again but she made the choice to put an end to this pregnancy, unable to welcome a new baby into her life when she had not yet recovered from the loss of her twins.

I started writing after experiencing a second termination of pregnancy at the age of 25, which echoed in me the first termination. The first termination of pregnancy I suffered was involuntary: I had a miscarriage at two months of pregnancy in 2020 during the first confinement, while I was expecting twins. The second termination of pregnancy was voluntary. I made the decision to abort a year after having a miscarriage“, explains Line Papin straight away to Current wife. The novelist immediately felt “the need to put down on paper” what had happened to her, asking herself the question of why there is so little literature on these important subjects and which affect so many women and couples.

I need to leave our apartment

During this interview, Line Papin says that she made the decision to move away from Marc Lavoine after her abortion, a necessary need which was marked by her departure from the marital home, the time to find herself after this ordeal. The novelist settled in “a small apartment on the fourth floor of an old building without a lift“, as she recounts in her book.”I wonder in the book why be alone? In order to take stock, perhaps to write, to shed this dead skin. I need to be alone like a cat licking its wounds. Or was it something else: I need to leave our apartment, because of this room intended for children never born, with this pink neon, life is beautiful, because of the other children’s rooms, those of those who were born, but not from me, because of dreams, because of disappointments….“, she explains to Current wife. Marc Lavoine is the father of four children: Simon, born in 1986 from his love affair with American model Denise Pascale who died in 2017, Yasmine, born in 1998, Roman, born in 2007, and Milo, born in 2010, who he had with Sarah Poniatowski, from whom he separated after twenty-three years of marriage. A break made official in 2018.

The change was “big“, but it could not be otherwise: “I went from the character of the woman who is going to have a child to the figure of the single woman, artist. I experienced it as a space of necessary silence. You needed this place, this personal space of writing without everything else to be able to mourn.

As to whether Line Papin is still with Marc Lavoine, the young woman is firm on the subject: “I present my book, but I don’t talk about my private life.”