news for the week of February 18 to 24

Tchi Tcha! Cinema is in the spotlight this week on Netflix. On the program in particular, a new sequel to a cult franchise of horror cinema: Chainsaw Massacre. In this episode produced by Fede Alvarez (director of the Evil Dead remake), a gang of influencers try to revive a ghost town in Texas when they cross paths with Leatherface, the notorious skin-masked killer. Another event: the arrival on the svod platform of the impressive The song of the wolf, film by Antonin Baudry, and winner of the César for best sound in 2020. The story of Chanteraide (François Civil), an officer with an infallible ear who, while on board a nuclear submarine , makes a mistake that puts the crew in mortal danger. A sensory experience, which places the viewer in the middle of noises, explosions and smoke.

The original series

Who is lying? : Season 1 (02/18): Stuck together, five high school students who have next to nothing in common find themselves united by an assassination — and secrets — in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Space Force: Season 2 (02/18): General Naird and his dysfunctional but touching team have four months to prove to the new administration that Space Force must not disappear.

Pilfer! (02/22): Cartoon madness and an interactive quiz come together in a new series from the creators of “Black Mirror”.

The original movies

Chainsaw Massacre (02/18): In this sequel, influencers trying to revive a Texas ghost town cross paths with Leatherface, the abominable killer in the human skin mask…

Do not kill me (20/02): After her death from an overdose in the company of her lover, Mirta comes back to life alone and discovers that she belongs to a world of violence she never knew existed.

UFO (02/23): When Deniz, a student and aspiring musician, falls in love with a somewhat boorish motorcycle rider, tragedy and family pressure put a damper on their relationship.

New movies available

The song of the wolf (20/02): On board a nuclear submarine, Chanteraide (François Civil), an officer with an infallible ear, makes a mistake that puts the crew in mortal danger. A sensory experience, which places the viewer in the middle of noises, explosions and smoke. Impressive.

The Equalizer 2 : After completing an undercover mission in Turkey, Robert McCall, ex-secret agent, returns to Boston and to the anonymity of a job as a private driver. But when her best friend Susan Plummer is murdered in Brussels, McCall decides to avenge her. As dark and muscular as ever, Denzel Washington is back in action in this very effective but uneven paced sequel. Action fans should however find their account.

The documentaries

Downfall: The Boeing Affair (02/18): Investigators reveal how Boeing, by preferring profit to safety, would have caused two tragic accidents which occurred a few months apart.

Bubba Wallace: Driver of Change – Miniseries (02/22): This documentary series follows Bubba Wallace in a new season of NASCAR, within a brand new team.


The Cuphead Show! (02/18): Share the misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and Mugman, his easily influenced brother, in this animated series based on the hit video game.

The World of Karma in music (02/24): Karma opens the doors to its musical world. Microphone in hand, she offers songs as funky as they are fun, full of rhythm and enthusiasm!