poignant photos revealed, comforted by Marc Lavoine

Florent Pagny: during an interview with Télé 7 jours, Vianney had said that there had been a very moving moment in the new season of TV hook. This sequence had deeply touched Florent Pagny.

Daniel, the candidate who touched the coaches

Daniel, a candidate for The Voice made an impression. At 66, he appeared on the stage of the TF1 show with the desire to pay tribute to his wife who died recently.

It was his disappearance that led the singer to resume singing after several years of hiatus. “I sang for more than 30 years, then one day, I no longer wanted to. It no longer gave me pleasure so I stopped singing. And then, some time ago, I lost my wife and we were close. And without looking, when I hadn’t played the piano, I have a song that came out of the piano without looking for the lyrics, without looking for the music,” he said, very sad.

A wonderful song

Florent Pagny: A confidence that aroused the curiosity of Vianney, who wanted to listen to Daniel’s very personal composition. ” It would be a great honor for me to do it for you here. said Daniel. It was behind his piano that he sang for the love of his life, of whom he thinks every day. ” I knew that one day one of us was going to leave and it’s you my love who leaves me all our memories “, he declaimed at the piano.

Iare judges in front of him were all very touched. And in particular Amel Bent and Florent Pagny, who did not hold back their tears. ” Me, I imagined myself without my spouse for two minutes and it upset me… It’s too well written “, said Amel Bent. Florent Pagny, currently suffering from cancer, was very moved. He was consoled by his friend Marc Lavoine, surprised to see him so touched. ” I’ve never seen you like this. You are not the type! He made my Florent cry! “, swung Marc Lavoine.

Florent Pagny, a very popular singer

The opportunity to return to the course of Florent Pagny. He was born in 1961 in Châlon-sur-Saône. He spent his youth in Burgundy. As a teenager, he began to sing and took part in regional competitions. Quickly, the schoolboy, wants to confront life, he stops studying in third class and arrives in Paris in 1976.

He enrolled at the Conservatoire, chained small jobs and slept in a residence of the Salvation Army. He’s a bartender in one of the neighborhood clubs. It was at this time that he met Dominique Besnehard who was looking for an actor for the film by Beineix, Diva. He did not land the role but several appearances in the cinema until the mid-1980s (Inspector the burr, Fort Saganne).

Thanks to the producer of the show Sacred EveningGérard Louvin, Florent Pagny released a single Anything in 1987. It’s a great success. His first album, Thank youreleased in 1990 works well.

For his work, Know how to love (1997) he collaborates with Jean-Jacques Goldman but also, Pascal Obispo. Florent Pagny wins the Victoire de la musique for the male performer. The 2000s were prosperous, he multiplied the albums (Châtelet les Halles, Elsewhere land, Baritone, Abracadabra…). He works with Calogero, Lionel Florence, Daran… To celebrate his 50th birthday, he finds Pascal Obispo with the album Everything and its oppositethen embarked on a tour in 2011.

In 2012, he became a coach of The Voice. In 2013, he released the album grow old with you, directed by Calogero and began touring in 2014. In 2015 he was still part of the adventure The Voice. In January 2022, he announced the end of his tour and indicated that he had lung cancer. We had the opportunity to talk about it on Objeko.

On the heart side, after a story with Vanessa Paradis (1988–1991), he met a model, Azucena Caamano, in 1993. The couple founded a family, and had children Inca (born in 1996) and Aël (born in 1999) .