WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 Results

Complete WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 results.


This Saturday evening from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is WWE Elimination Chamber 2022, the last big step before WrestleMania 38.

The Miz and Rey Mysterio faced off in the Kickoff of the event, Dominik Mysterio was also on the trip and at ringside.

Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz by falling with a roll up. A good game quite quiet. The Miz tried to use a chair but Dominik Mysterio stopped him, and the Miz pretended to have been attacked by the son Mysterio. The referee won’t fire him.

After the match the Miz went after Dominik Mysterio but when faced with father and son, the latter couldn’t get away and suffered a double 619 and a frog splash from Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

Goldberg was Goldbergé

The show kicks off right with the WWE Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Goldberg. This place on the map makes it quite easy to guess the result of the match. The public of Jeddah is in any case without surprise good customers and the pop of Reigns is impressive. No need for fake crowd noises here.

Roman Reigns defeated Goldberg by submission with his Guillotine on stoppage of the referee to remain Universal champion.

The match will not have been long. Roman Reigns dominated Goldberg, who was not on offense early in the clash, before coming back with a surprise spear. But he will not keep the advantage for long, Roman Reigns against a Jackhammer and returns to the charge until the end of the match by carrying his submission.

Roman Reigns will face Brock Lesnar at WWE WrestleMania 38 to defend the Universal title. Lesnar who this Saturday evening competes on his side for the title of WWE champion, hoping to propose a match champion against champion.

Bianca Belair flies to WrestleMania

Bianca Belair, Doudrop, Rhea Ripley, Nikki ASH, Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss face off in the first Elimination Chamber of the evening for the RAW Championship Challenger spot at WrestleMania. Liv Morgan and Nikki ASH start the match, Bianca Belair will come out last.

Bianca Belair won the Women’s Elimination Chamber after eliminating Alexa Bliss last.

Good performances from Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair in the game. Surprising elimination of Doudrop on a Sunset Flip Powerbomb by Liv Morgan who was not unworthy in this match either. Bianca Belair’s victory comes as no surprise, the wrestler will in all likelihood face Becky Lynch at WrestleMania for the rematch of SummerSlam 2021.

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Ronda Rousey the judoka

Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville come in to face Naomi and Ronda Rousey in the next match. Sonya Deville still having an arm in a sling because of Ronda Rousey, the latter will have her arm behind her back.

Ronda Rousey was smart about her outfit: she came to wrestle in judoka outfit, in memory of her career and her medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Will she announce her participation in Paris 2024 right away? She has her sights set on the RAW Championship title for now.

Ronda Rousey and Naomi defeated Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville via submission with a Ronda Rousey armbar on Sonya Deville. Charlotte Flair had refused to make the tag to save Deville from submission.

The stipulation of the arm in the back is barely respected, the arm is well attached but Ronda Rousey is still free to move it as the rope does not hold it that much. And anyway it’s not serious since Sonya Deville will tell us that she had faked her injury until Saturday evening. The match isn’t crazy, it’s mostly a Ronda Rousey domination act over Sonya Deville, Naomi did some cool spots for the show, nothing more.

Charlotte Flair did not want to finish the match but probably received the following message: even with one arm, Ronda Rousey would make her hit.

We stay in matches without stake with the Falls Count Anywhere between Drew McIntyre and Madcap Moss. Baron Corbin being on the trip and the rule not preventing him from participating, he will not hesitate to take care of McIntyre with his partner.

Drew McIntyre defeated Madcap Moss by falling with his Claymore Kick.

A match without interest and it’s even more damaging given what happened in it. Big fright indeed for Madcap Moss who suffered a rather impressive fall on the head and neck. The wrestler continued the match but it couldn’t have been easy. We hope all is well.

Becky Lynch surpasses her idol

Becky Lynch defends her title of champion of RAW against her idol during her adolescence, Lita. Despite all due respect, Lynch made it clear to her that she will have no mercy on her in this match.

Becky Lynch defeated Lita by falling with his Manhandled Slam.

Despite the difficulty the RAW champion had in accepting this match, she was not scared for a moment by Lita, nor did she give her much respite. Lita will still have the right to her moment in the match, will carry a Twist of Fate and a Moonsault but for a nearfall on the wire. Lynch will only have to wear his finisher to finish then.

Once Becky Lynch returned backstage, Lita left to a standing ovation and tears in her eyes as her theme song echoed through the stadium.

The Usos were scheduled to defend their SmackDown Tag Team Championship against The Viking Raiders this Saturday night. But they didn’t feel like it, so they attacked Erik and Ivar before the match could start, so they weren’t able to fight anymore. End of the story.

WWE probably tried to buy time for the main event and to do so preferred to cancel the blue brand’s tag team championship match. When you think about it, it would have been better to do without Drew McIntyre against Madcap Moss. In any case, thank you to the two teams for making the trip.

Mission accomplished for Brock Lesnar

So we end this evening with the men’s Elimination Chamber. At stake: Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship title. Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Riddle, Austin Theory and AJ Styles.

Brock Lesnar won the men’s Elimination Chamber to become WWE Champion.

Bobby Lashley was quickly knocked out by Seth Rollins who sent Austin Theory crashing into Bobby Lashley’s cell, who in turn found himself crushed by Lashley’s window. That was enough to put the champion out of action, it didn’t take much after all.

The game is not of much interest. We don’t really know if it’s WWE’s desire to end the show quickly, but once Lesnar entered, he eliminated his remaining opponents one by one with F5 blows, but giving a little more time to Austin Theory who sought to flee. Theory may have potential, but this spot of the wrestler resisting Lesnar could have been offered to someone else. Even Riddle.

Too bad also for Bobby Lashley who leaves without titles and without having had the opportunity to defend him, while the whole rivalry has been centered around Lesnar and Lashley.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 was, as expected, predictable. This is not a fault for a show, as long as the show is assured behind it. It more or less did, we saw some interesting performances in the Women’s Elimination Chamber, and a quick and easy win from Reigns.

The WrestleMania 38 card that we imagined is taking shape before our eyes. While not the worst we’ll see — at least for now, it’s hardly surprising because WWE hasn’t groomed anyone else to headline the past few months.

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