“Carrie Antoinette” Johnson, the wife of the British Prime Minister whom the Conservative camp hates

Rarely has the wife of a British prime minister aroused so much interest, criticism and probably so much fantasy. At 33, Carrie Johnson – born Symonds, mother of Wilfred, 2, and Romy, 2 months –, blond mane, pointed nose and laughing eyes, is an attractive and powerful figure, to whom journalists and members of the Party conservative now lend a considerable, even harmful, influence on her husband, Boris Johnson, twenty-four years her senior.

Author of a dependent book to be published on March 29, whose Sunday Times has been spreading the good news since early February, Lord Michael Ashcroft, ex-Tory deputy leader, claims that “Carrie Johnson’s behavior is preventing the Prime Minister from running the UK as effectively as his constituents deserve.”

The 75-year-old businessman is a regular at flamethrower biographies. In 2015, he had already published a call me dave (untranslated) caustic on ex-Prime Minister David Cameron. In first-lady (untranslated), relying on anonymous sources, he accuses Carrie Johnson of “wanting to control everything” including appointments to key Downing Street posts.

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These attacks are just one “new attempt to discredit Mr.me Johnson coming from embittered ex-officials,” commented a spokesperson for the young woman. Before adding that the latter acts “as a private person and plays no role in government [du pays]. » For supporters of Carrie Johnson, Lord Ashcroft’s book is nothing but a tissue of lies.

lady scandals

Nevertheless, the name of the Prime Minister’s wife comes up disturbingly and repeatedly in recent cases, notably the “partygate”, which directly threaten the mandate of her husband. It was she who would have organized Boris Johnson’s birthday party, in June 2020, in Downing Street, when meetings of more than two people were still prohibited. She would also have participated in an evening, in November 2020, in the official apartment which she occupies with her husband at 11 Downing Street: the hits of the Swedish group ABBA resounded through the windows until very late in the evening. These parties in full confinement are now the subject of a police investigation.

This animal rights activist – she worked for the NGO Oceana and now works for the Aspinall Foundation (which reintroduces certain endangered species bred in captivity into the wild) – would also have played a role in the rescue of a kennel in Kabul, in Afghanistan, in August 2021. This incredible operation caused a scandal: the lives of around a hundred dogs and cats, which were not however threatened by the Taliban, would have been privileged over those of humans.

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