Foot PSG – An anti-PSG referee, it turns into a scandal!

The victory of Nantes against PSG does not suffer from any dispute, but the referee of the meeting took dearly, Mikaël Lesage having lost control of the match a little.

Refereeing a Ligue 1 match is never easy, especially when on the pitch there are the three stars of world football, Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and Lionel Messi. And on Saturday evening, the experienced Mikaël Lesage once again had the bitter experience of it, even as FC Nantes, led by an enormous Alban Lafont, performed an exceptional performance. Caught failing in several choices, the referee infuriated Paris Saint-Germain, who without contesting the final success of the Canaries, believes that there was a refereeing bug for 90 minutes. It is true that the statistics are quite surprising with 16 Nantes fouls for 2 yellow cards, and 9 Parisian fouls with 6 yellow cards. In addition to the immunity of Pallois after his fault on Mbappé, it is especially the Appiah case which has focused the criticisms. The Kombouaré player had rightly avoided a red in the first half thanks to the VAR, but the fault which gave a penalty to PSG in the second half was to earn him a second yellow and therefore an expulsion. “ I can tell you that on the penalty, I thought he was going to be warned and therefore expelled “, even recognized Antoine Kombouaré. And all this caused a huge clash at Beaujoire, but also on social networks.

Kombouaré surprised to see Appiah on the pitch after the penalty

In addition to Marco Verratti, who was not kind to the referee, Leonardo came to throw his crisis in the corridors of Beaujoire. ” Appiah does not take the second yellow card as the penalty is called. A second yellow is red, that’s obvious. Afterwards, there are so many faults on our players. But he says no, no, it’s Neymar, it’s Mbappé, I’m not whistling! It’s Messi, I don’t whistle, it’s Paris Saint-Germain, I don’t whistle. The feeling, it comes like that. Maybe I’m wrong. After we lose, we accept defeat. We will learn from this. There are a lot of mistakes, things we didn’t do well. We must know after a Champions League match to behave in Ligue 1 in a certain way. Well, we’ll talk about that. But, with the referee, it felt like it was boom boom boom, I shoot you “Explained the sports director of PSG who appeared very annoyed, who remembers that last January this same referee had given a warning to Kylian Mbappé, provoking the fury of the latter.

For his part, Pierre Ménès also knocked out Mikaël Lesage, after having however praised the Nantes performance. ” I see in this match only one shadow on the board, it is the lamentable refereeing of Mr. Lesage, who is not however one of our worst referees but who produced a totally anti-Parisian refereeing ( …) I’m fed up with these referees who you can’t talk to and who are a hit at the slightest challenge but do not sanction hard or dangerous play. You still have to explain to me how Pallois can end this match without a yellow card. How is it possible to not call any fouls on Messi? How can Neymar take a punch in the face without fault? As I sometimes say, it’s not because it’s PSG, it’s not because it’s the richest, it’s not because it’s far ahead that you have to referee it differently from other clubss”, points out the former consultant of Canal+, who received the support of Didier Roustan. For his part, Mohamed Bouhafsi had quickly settled his account with Mikaël Lesage qualified as referee ” haughty and contemptuous “.