Waisea: “My teammates in Paris want me to stay, but…”

He has been the best player in the Top 14 since the start of the season. Formerly “antivax” and now vaccinated, the incomparable Waisea explains why he will be joining Toulon next season…

There is, on the subject, no possible debate. The best player in the Top 14 is Fijian, a member of Stade Français for ten years and is called Waisea. At 31, the Melanesian international (26 caps) is at the top of his game and, whether on the wing or in the center, outclasses his direct opponents in the league one by one. The Biarritz? Last Saturday, they obviously did not escape the Waisea phenomenon. In the locker room of the Jean Bouin stadium (the French stadium is the only team in the Top 14 still opening, and as in the best days of dad’s rugby, his locker room to the journalists…), the Fijian confided to us in the preamble: “I’m so happy tonight. It’s not a victory to be overused because whatever people say, Biarritz is fighting for its survival and fighting with its weapons every weekend. Against this team that never gave up, we were solid and consistent.”.

The star of the Paris squad, who “nevertheless prefers to play in the center because[il] touch more balls »largely fulfilled his mission against Biarrots, piercing the Basque defensive curtain here, offering a decisive pass to Kylan Hamdaoui there, flattening a magnificent try in support of Lester Etien and finally judging with his expert eye the twenty minutes spent by Sekou Macalou on the left wing. “Sekou can play everywhere, no problem. On the wing, he would even be very strong under high balls. In this position, such an athlete is necessarily interesting for a team..

Waisea: “I am vaccinated! »

When asked now why he is now playing the best rugby of his life, he explains simply: “To be honest, I’ve changed my diet over the past few months and I’m a new man. I stopped red meat, carbohydrates, starchy foods… Physically, mentally, I’ve never felt better”. Fiercely antivax when the vaccination campaign was launched in France, Waisea has since (somewhat) revised its position. He pursues : “I tested positive for Covid a few weeks ago but I didn’t have any symptoms. In the process, I made an agreement with the leaders of the French stadium and I was vaccinated. »

At this point in the interview, he shows us the Vaccine Pass engraved on his smartphone and continues: “In three months, I will receive another dose and it is not so bad, after all”. But his future, then? Where will it be written? At the French stadium, who wants to keep him? Or in Toulon, a club with which he signed a pre-contract?

He concludes thus: “There’s been a lot of talk about me lately. My teammates in Paris want me to stay and even talk to me about it every day. You know, I am very attached to the French stadium; this club is after all ten years of my life. » Corn ? “I cannot change what has been done. I gave my word (to the Toulon leaders) and I will honor it. At 31, I now need a new challenge and in this sense, this departure to Toulon will be a good thing..