War in Ukraine: we tell you all about the “Scheherazade”, this superyacht moored in Tuscany which would secretly belong to Putin

War in Ukraine: we tell you all about the

In a video released Monday, March 22, the organization of Alexeï Navalny claims that the Russian president would be the owner of a superyacht called “Schéhérazade”, which would anchor off Tuscany.

On Monday March 22, the organization of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny released a video claiming to have discovered the mysterious owner of the 13th largest yacht in the world. According to this document, it would be Vladimir Poutine or someone related to him.

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Besides being the thirteenth largest yacht in the world, it would be worth $700 millionwould have two helipads, 22 cabins, a swimming pool and would have been built by Lurssen in 2020, say the relatives of the imprisoned activist.

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Italian authorities are investigating

At the beginning of the month, the boat had already attracted the attention of the New York Times who, in an investigation, had tried to discover the identity of his mysterious owner. But the silence of the crew members, sealed by the signing of non-disclosure agreements, as well as the use of a series of probable front companies to secure the jobs on board, had led the search to a dead end.

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Now, Navalny’s organization claims to have solved the case and assures that the superyacht is said to belong to Putin. An assertion which, if verified, could very well cause the ship to drop anchor for an indefinite period. Because since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a series of sanctions has been imposed on Russian assets abroad and several oligarchs have already been deprived of their luxury liners. For the moment, the Italian authorities are carrying out the investigation before taking any measures, as the Italian daily points out. Corriere della Sera.

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Employees on board of Russian origin

As proof, the team of Alexeï Navalny waves the detailed list of the 23 employees hired on the bridge, which it managed to obtain. Thanks to her, she was able to deduce that most of the employees on board were of Russian origin. In addition, at least a dozen of them work for the FSO, Putin’s federal protection service. One person would even be domiciled in Sochi, at the headquarters of the FSO guaranteeing the security of Botcharov Palace, a Russian presidential residence.

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Finally, an employee would also have been hired on the “Graceful”, another superyacht linked to Putin. The 82-meter-long ship was last seen leaving Germany a few days before the start of the war in Ukraine.

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