how to benefit from it and use it?

Sometimes the postman delivers good news. Faced with soaring prices, the energy check can prove to be a welcome boost. It is intended to help households in a precarious situation to pay their gas and electricity bills or for energy renovation work.
Nearly six million households are entitled to this state aid this year. It is distributed, according to the government’s calendar, until April 29, 2022.
Since January 1, 2018, it has replaced the social electricity tariff and the gas solidarity tariff.

How do I get the energy voucher?

For a person living alone, it is necessary to justify an annual tax income of less than 10,800 euros, 16,200 euros for a couple (+ 3,240 euros per additional person in the household).
The amount is included in 2022 between 48 and 277 euros depending on the income and the composition of the household, therefore. And this, whatever the type of heating.

In 2021, the beneficiaries had received two checks. Once in April, in the traditional way and a second time in December. This second check had however been modulated up to 100 euros for all beneficiaries in order to “protect the purchasing power of the most modest”, explained the Prime Minister, Jean Castex.

The tax authorities establish each year the list of beneficiaries according to the reference tax income (RFR) of the household and the composition of the household determined in consumption units (UC). No action is necessary, the check arrives directly in the mailboxes.
However, at the end of April, after all the energy checks have been sent, if you have not received them, customer service (0 805 204 805) is available Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 8 pm.

How to use the energy voucher?

Please note that it cannot be cashed at your bank. It is used to pay directly to energy suppliers for various expenses (electricity, natural gas or liquefied petroleum, heating oil, wood, biomass or other fuels for supplying heating or producing hot water).

It can also be used to finance work or energy expenses, such as the insulation of your home. This aid is also now valid for paying heating costs in homes or nursing homes. Beneficiaries have until March 31, 2023 to use it.

The check is nominative, that is to say that the beneficiary’s name is indicated on the check.

Once received, you can send your check by post, or even hand-deliver it to the person or company to whom you wish to pay for an energy expense. This may be either your energy supplier, or the company in charge of carrying out the energy renovation work undertaken in your accommodation, or even, for beneficiaries residing in a sheltered accommodation, the manager of this last.
It can also be used on the dedicated website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition to pay bills. In this case, you will need the number of your check as well as the references of your energy supply contract.