The movie sequel is finally confirmed, discover all the exclusive details!

Matt Reeves announces exciting news for fans! The batman will make his big comeback in Batman 2!

It’s official ! Batman 2 is in production, with Robert Pattinson as Gotham’s fiercest defender. Studio Warner Bros. revealed plans for another Caped Crusader story during its Tuesday night presentation at CinemaCon.

This event is an annual show for movie theater owners. Matt Reeves, the director of the program was present to announce a joyful news that moviegoers have been waiting impatiently! We reveal all the details in the paragraphs below!

Batman 2: Recap of the success of the first installment

Batman, a three-hour superhero adventure, made its big screen debut this past March. A program which was highly anticipated and which generated more than $759 million in the internal market. A renewal for Batman 2 has therefore never been in doubt! The production house thought to seize this great opportunity to offer a sequel to this successful title!

Besides, ticket sales are still the biggest opening weekend of 2022. Like, for example, there’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home” the 100 million dollar mark in just one weekend! An impressive figure for a start! Batman 2 could therefore be the same box as its previous part!

For the moment, we don’t yet know much about Batman 2. Whether it’s about its scenario or its release date. But what is certain is that we will find the bat man fighting evil in the dark alleys of Gotham City. It would even seem that this title will have a total of 3 unreleased opuses. However, nothing has been confirmed yet!

According to the overflowing imagination of moviegoers, they actually think that Batman 2 could center around the Joker as well as the Sphinx! They seem to be teaming up. All of these are just assumptions. But if that turns out to be true, this sequel promises to be grandiose and will be the center of attention. Viewers are still waiting for more information about this upcoming feature film.

What does this new sequel have in store for us?

As we said in the lines below, there are not too many details about Batman 2 yet. However, the cast looks very interesting. Indeed, the studio Warner Bross recently revealed one of the main actors who will join the character member for this upcoming feature film. Among them, we will find the one and only Robert Pattinson. The fans are over the moon!

In Batman 2, Pattinson will play the batman, who has been fighting crime in Gotham City for two years. He will fight the corruption while pursuing the Riddler (played by Paul Dano). It’s about a serial killer who preys on Gotham’s elite. We will therefore once again see the batman play the dedicated superhero ready to do anything to save the inhabitants of his beloved city!

It could also be that the “billionaire vigilante” will plunge into a fierce confrontation against Barry Keoghan’s Joker. One of the scenarios most awaited by moviegoers in Batman 2. Fans are also awaiting the return of several characters such as Colin Farrell’s penguin or ZoĆ© Kravitz’s Catwoman!

Lately, fans have been swooning over Easter eggs and deleted scenes that bring up the Joker (Barry Keoghan), evil mastermind Hush, and also the Batman’s nemesis, Bane. In Batman 2, it looks like Gotham City will be in a state of destruction after the terrorist acts of the Riddler which will set up intrigues like the famous arc “No Man’s Land”.

Batman 2: its director gives us details

Lately, director ‘Matt Reeves’ made a statement saying he’s ready to write a new chapter for Batman 2. Also, a renewal of the feature film has always been a project to achieve! It took him a long time to make the announcement since he wanted to see a preview of all the viewer feedback!

Indeed, he thinks that a sequel does not deserve to see the light of day if its precedent is not satisfactory. But with the great success of his first work, he now thinks it’s time to imagine Batman 2. The latter doesn’t have a release date yet, but at least we know it’s in production.